Braun social media marketing.




The brief.

Award-winning global engineering powerhouse Braun is a renowned international manufacturer synonymous with sleek, efficient and innovative industrial product design. In 2019 we were engaged to promote the brand in Malta, ensuring the successful localisation of Braun's defining values and marketing campaigns to reach and obtain new audiences, drive brand awareness and establish a more consistent visual identity, and increase website traffic as well as conversion to sales.

Our approach.

We worked in tandem with the Braun’s distribution team, VJ Salamone, applying our in-depth knowledge of the local market to create high-quality original content that spoke to Braun’s notable attributes of innovative and stylish design, efficient and durable functionality, and advanced technological production – ensuring that we adjusted our approach according to regular metric analysis as the social pages grew.

Techniques such as optimised targeting and re-targeting of adverts, information-sharing, and the introduction of influencer collaborations diversified the previous social portfolio while staying on-brand and in-line with the Braun global strategy. Seasonal events, as well as Braun’s 100 year anniversary in 2021, were leveraged to increase website traffic, and measures were taken to remain adaptive to the rapid evolution of retail consumer behaviour brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Once we actioned our proposed strategies, the client saw a dramatic increase in growth, engagement, and conversion rates across social platforms – as well as direct sales. In 2020, Braun Facebook page likes spiked by 926% while Instagram followers increased by 385%. Our original content was extremely well-received in the local market, with engagement rates far exceeding industry benchmarks.

This meant that newly targeted audiences were successfully obtained and retained, and a more cohesive visual identity was established in the process. Adverts and other content consistently drove website traffic where we saw almost 16,000 more clicks and a sharp increase in Braun sale conversion rates. Both social media activity and website sales continue to grow as we research, conceptualise and implement holistic marketing techniques for the brand.

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