Ina Spa: Cultivating Tranquility through Holistic Wellness

ClientIna Spa



The brief.

Ina Spa came to us with a vision: to carve out a distinct and memorable brand identity within the saturated wellness and beauty industry. They sought to go beyond the traditional spa and med-aesthetics offerings, focusing on holistic experiences designed to rejuvenate both mind and body. In a world rife with daily pressures, Ina Spa aspired to be a sanctuary – a place where clientele could truly disconnect from the daily grind and rediscover inner peace. Our challenge was to craft a brand identity that embodied this vision, differentiating Ina Spa from its competitors, communicating a sense of premium quality while remaining welcoming and approachable.

Our approach.

To achieve Ina Spa’s vision, we implemented a multi-faceted branding and marketing strategy. We first delved into the essence of the spa’s core values, creating a name that drew inspiration from its Latin roots, meaning ‘nurturing’ and ‘belongingness’, perfectly capturing the essence of the brand. The tagline ‘Invoke Tranquility’ further amplified the messaging, acting as a gentle call to embrace a state of calmness.

We then meticulously crafted a sophisticated yet inviting visual identity, incorporating soft edges and a soothing colour palette that conveyed both elegance and a sense of tranquility. This visual language extended throughout every communication element, weaving a unified brand experience that underlined Ina Spa’s steadfast commitment to holistic wellness. A haven of calm and holistic nourishment of the mind, body and soul. Emphasising the spa’s unique selling points and brand values in all communications.

To lead in a captivating online presence, we developed a 12-month strategic plan, including eye-catching advertising visuals, compelling copy and engaging social media content, educating the audience about the spa and its services and the transformative experience it offered. A calming and inviting tone of voice resonated throughout all communications, seamlessly aligning with Ina Spa’s core values, conveying trust, professionalism, and the spa’s commitment to enhancing beauty and well-being.


The strategic multi-faceted approach implemented, yielded remarkable results for Ina Spa. The launch campaign together with influencer marketing successfully generated buzz whilst building on awareness, positioning Ina Spa as a trusted, premium spa and wellness destination. Our strategic social media campaign fostered a deep connection with the target audience, increasing following and interest on social channels, fostering brand loyalty and engagement. The launch campaign together with ongoing marketing efforts attracted a steady stream of clients with significant increase in bookings and sales.

By carefully crafting a brand identity that embodied Ina Spa’s core values, we empowered them to not only stand out, but to also cultivate a sanctuary of tranquility for their clientele. Through a strategic approach, Ina Spa’s vision of holistic well-being was woven into the fabric of their brand, resonating well with their target audience and ultimately leading to success.

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