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AZAR restaurant naming and branding.




The brief.

Up-and-coming chef Michele Zahra believes in sophistication driven by simplicity. He recognised the beauty in using modest, open flame cooking methods, to create unique dishes infused with the intoxicating flavours of smoky, rustic, wood fire. From here the vision to showcase these methods with a modern flair, in an elegant, casual setting was formed. We needed to name and create a brand identity to capture this celebration of food artisanship, for a medium to upper positioning, while preserving the minimalistic principles.

Our approach.

We incorporate storytelling into every element of a brand concept and design. First we understand the roots of the brand; the motivations and human elements. People resonate with journey and authenticity. The passion behind a concept with an experiential emphasis, like dining, can’t be fabricated and the brand identity needs to portray this. We then workshop the vision, future successes, and unique offerings. These elements are all crafted into subtle details. We developed a restaurant name that is uncomplicated with worldly undertones, exactly like its atmosphere. Azar is a poetic nod to its international cuisine, clientele, and Michelle Zahra’s family name. The logo we created is ultra-contemporary and distinct. The simplicity of the thin, sharp angled lines personify the approachable elegance of Azar and the colour palette signals the heat and fire inspired soul of the restaurant.


Azar is the pinnacle of sophisticated, casual dining. Their ever-evolving menu and attentive service is supported by a strong identity that stands out amongst competitors. The modern, sleek design attracts international customers, driving reservations. The brand is professional and embodies culinary luxury thanks to consistent, polished branding, from tone of voice and messaging, to brand and marketing material. This harmony allows guests to escape the mundane, and delight their senses through a fusion of flavours, in a relaxed yet remarkable setting.

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