Brand + web transformation for leading cloud solutions provider 56Bit.


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The brief.

Leading experts in cloud infrastructure, 56Bit has built a reputation for delivering the most cost-effective, resilient and future-proof solutions for their clientele. As the company grew, it was time for this market-leader to level up their brand and online presence. Our aim was to create a brand identity that truly captured the company’s vision, values and ethos and align its market position.
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Our approach.

The new logo has a carefully crafted brand icon, built around the numbers and letters in the company’s name. Composed of a single ‘pixel’, or system, it’s connected through negative space, paralleling the cloud systems our client develops.

Bold and modern typography blends a sense of technology and innovation, with the sharp corners of the letters, yet the curved numbers establish an approachable feel.

The primary brand colour forms a blue/purple gradient, delivering standout in the industry while also conveying security and trust and delivering on a modern look and feel.

We translated the branding to 56Bit’s online presence, through a fully customised website, designed to create an innovative and immersive brand experience. All of course, while delivering on lead generation.


We crafted an identity that aligned the company’s long-term vision and objectives, positioning 56Bit as the choice partner in cloud solutions. The rebrand was launched successfully in 2021, allowing 56Bit to solidify their presence and market position. The brand and web transformation captures the company’s expertise and core values, enabling 56Bit to take their business to new heights and drive further growth.

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