From JTech Solutions to AXO: The Journey of a Successful Brand Transformation




The brief.

AXO, formerly known as JTech Solutions, is a prominent I.T and technology solutions company that has established a strong reputation in the Maltese market over its 17 years of operation. Recognising the need to reposition the brand and solidify its market presence, AXO approached Steves&Co. with the goal of undergoing a renaming and rebranding strategy. The objective was to support the company's long-term growth strategy, assert its leadership, and emphasise its expertise in the industry. In addition to the renaming and rebranding exercise, AXO also sought assistance in designing and developing a brand new website and implementing a comprehensive social media marketing plan.

Our approach.

Our approach was centred around creating an identity that would differentiate AXO from its competitors and establish a strong market presence. We aimed to elevate the brand’s perception and convey its ethos through a strategic combination of design and communication strategies. For the logo, we focused on developing a word mark that would be modern and approachable, while effectively communicating bold confidence through the use of curves. The logo became the visual centrepiece of the brand, embodying AXO’s values and establishing a strong visual identity. We have designed and developed a modern and user-friendly website that effectively communicates the client’s brand identity, key differentiators, and positioning. The website ensures easy navigation and engagement for visitors. Specifically tailored to the client’s needs as a tech industry player, we utilised Vue technology to build the website.


The rebranding efforts have been met with great enthusiasm from AXO’s existing clientele. The new brand identity immediately conveys the strength of the company and its robust service offerings. The renaming and rebranding exercise has successfully positioned AXO as a leader in the industry, allowing the company to confidently communicate its expertise and attract new clients. The modern logo and website have contributed to an enhanced brand perception, enabling AXO to differentiate itself from competitors and strengthen its market position.

Through this comprehensive rebranding strategy, AXO has successfully set the stage for its continued growth and success in the I.T and technology solutions market.

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