From Vision to Reality: Crafting Amplecare’s Identity




The brief.

Amplecare embarked on a bold venture, charting its course as a newly established health and aesthetics clinic. With core values deeply rooted in Integrity, Exceptional Quality, Inclusivity, Innovation, and Accountability, the challenge lay in sculpting a brand that spoke to its mission and values. The task was to conceive a brand name and identity that encapsulated the essence of holistic care, resonated with diverse audiences, and could seamlessly adapt to future expansion. The birth of "Amplecare" represented a commitment to abundant wellness, setting the stage for a brand identity that would resonate with the clinic’s unique position and offerings, and its target audiences. In addition to the brand naming, Steves&Co. Was tasked with developing the entire brand identity, marketing strategy and execution, along with an e-commerce website integrated with a booking system.

Our approach.

The brand creation journey sought not just to carve a niche for Amplecare but to etch a memorable identity in the minds of its audience. The process was a delicate fusion of premium aesthetics and approachability, a synergy that would project Amplecare as a leading med-aesthetic clinic from its inception. Every detail, from the warm colour palette and custom curved edges to the elegant typography, was meticulously curated to echo professionalism, trust, and a commitment to care. The result is a visual identity that seamlessly aligns with the clinic’s physical spaces, creating a unified brand experience.

We built an engaging and unique online experience, allowing users to easily purchase products, learn about available treatments, and book appointments. The website seamlessly integrates Amplecare’s premium identity, providing a user-friendly interface for a range of audiences.

Our marketing strategy aimed to effectively launch the brand, drive awareness, and position Amplecare as a trusted med-aesthetic clinic. We utilised a mix of Google advertising and social media marketing to attract, educate, and acquire clients. The strategy emphasised communicating driving principles, differentiators, and cultivating a consistent set of values and experiences.


From establishing a robust online presence through website development to crafting a distinct brand image, the clinic swiftly emerged as a trusted destination for health and aesthetics. The strategic marketing initiatives, including Google advertising and social media campaigns, fostered brand visibility and engagement.

Steves&Co. is proud to have played a pivotal role in elevating Amplecare Health & Aesthetics Clinic’s brand experience, aligning with their commitment to radiate beauty, confidence, and genuine, tailored service. This successful collaboration demonstrates the power of strategic branding and digital solutions in the consumer health and aesthetics industry.

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