Convenience with a Familiar Face

ClientLittle Greens



The brief.

Leading supermarket, Greens, sought to bring convenience to local communities with "Little Greens." This new concept offered daily essentials, grab-and-go meals, and familiar Greens’ products in a compact, convenient format. Steves&Co. was entrusted with creating the entire brand identity, from developing a name and logo to establishing a distinct communication style.

Our approach.

Steves&Co. prioritised fostering a friendly and approachable brand that resonated with local communities. We created the name “Little Greens,” evoking the essence of being the familiar and convenient “neighbourhood Greens.”

To establish a bold and modern visual identity, we designed a bespoke logo. A key element was the creation of a new leaf symbol, incorporated within the “g” of the “Little Greens” name. This subtle yet impactful change ensured brand recognition while achieving a fresh, contemporary aesthetic. The logo further boasted a fully customised typography, created for its modern and approachable feel, reflecting the welcoming nature of the Little Greens brand.

Leveraging the newly created leaf design, we extended this distinctive brand shape into advertising and communication materials. This ensured a unified and easily recognisable visual identity across all touchpoints.

The entire brand experience – from the name “Little Greens” and the bespoke logo to the visual style – conveyed a sense of convenience, quality, and freshness, aligning perfectly with Green’s core values.  Little Greens targeted a mid-range to slightly upscale clientele seeking high-quality convenient options. We developed a unique communication style that ensured Little Greens’ ready-to-go food packaging stood out prominently on shelves.


Launched initially in Sliema, Little Greens has witnessed phenomenal success, experiencing high customer traffic and increased demand. This achievement has paved the way for a second location opening in May 2024, with continued expansion plans across Malta.

Steves&Co.’s strategic approach in brand development has not only established Little Greens as a distinct and recognisable brand but also positioned it for sustainable growth within the Maltese convenience market.

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