Magnum in-store shopper disruption.




The brief.

Consumer goods giant Unilever is one of the oldest multinational companies in the world, with a global presence across over 400 brands, Unilever commands a lion’s share of the consumer goods market. We were approached to work with Unilever on one of their most recognised brands, Magnum ice cream, to create and execute the local marketing concept for the global Release the Beast campaign. In implementing the campaign locally, we were required to develop a concept that would drive interaction and engagement: to literally stop customers in their tracks at a crucial moment of their purchasing experience.

Our approach.

In developing the concept, our team identified the importance of creating something engaging and interactive for adults and children alike, with children being major shopper influences on their parents.

The first priority was giving Magnum ice creams visual prominence within stores, with a custom freezer exclusively stocking the Magnum Double SKU product line. This freezer provided the base for the in-store activation: a tall structure with an LCD screen, displaying a life-like lion to represent the Beast, with built-in audio and smoke effects. When customers opened the freezer, the lion roared in response, with the display and audio creating interaction and meaning between the customer and the product.


The Release the Beast installation was activated on average 2,414 times per week, peaking over the weekend, hitting the target audience during the periods when the supermarket was busiest. The Magnum Double SKU within the stand had a spike in sales during the activation, clearly demonstrating the link between engagement with the installation and sales.

Our firm then created an amplification video, showing behind the scenes shots of customers interacting with the display, which was watched more than 48,000 times on Facebook during the first week after posting. We were engaged to develop and implement social media, digital, outdoor activation and shopper marketing for two and a half years across a range of communications for Magnum locally.

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