Roobet x Snoop Dogg Brand Collaboration


CountryMexico, Brazil


The brief.

Roobet is the crypto casino that is revolutionising the i-gaming entertainment industry with its unique style of engaging with players and its successful creation of an authentic and rapidly growing community. Steves&Co. had been working as the brand agency for Roobet for a year already, when it was approached by the group to lead the creative direction on international visual communications, to launch their partnership with American Hip-Hop artist Snoop Dogg. The campaign comms would coincide with Snoop Dog’s global tour. Along with design, our deliverables included the web development of the main partnership website and other mini-sites, international billboard advertising, updates to existing web sites including translations, motion and animated ads and a digital advertising campaign.

Our approach.

Visual Communication Concept : The first step in the project was the development of the main communication concept. Our teams embraced the brief and embodied the character of Snoop Dogg to craft the creative direction. Through this approach we paved a way for all elements to work together in harmony across different campaign touchpoints, with a focus of appealing to target audiences and meeting desired strategic goals. This involved developing a campaign theme, designing the creative assets including banner ads, OOH advertising, landing pages and audio visual productions. We ensured that all creative assets were visually appealing, on-brand, and capable of supporting the hype and excitement needed for the incredible collaboration.

Website Development : The second step in the project was the development of the main partnership and campaign website for a number of countries in various languages. We worked closely with Roobet to understand their vision, target audience, and goals for the campaign.

Steves&Co. then created an interactive website journey to bring together both Snoop Dogg and Roobet branding. The website was built using responsive design principles, ensuring that it would not only look great, but also function seamlessly on all devices with smooth navigation.

Digital Advertising Campaigns : Finally, we developed collateral to support a comprehensive digital advertising campaign, that would drive traffic to the campaign website and increase brand awareness. We created a variety of ad formats, including display ads, social media ads, search ads, billboard designs, carefully aligning them with Roobet and Snoop Dog’s target audience demographic and interests.


The global campaign launch was a fantastic success. Together we rolled out the completed strategy that effectively engaged and resonated with the target audience, while maintaining a consistent brand image and messaging across all channels.

The collaboration branding design, partnership website and digital advertising delivered the support needed to launch this extraordinary venture for Roobet. The campaign is successfully garnering the desired levels of traction, sending waves of excitement through the wider international gaming and related communities.

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