The Art of Refinement: Fifty Nine Republic’s Rebranding Story

ClientFifty Nine Republic



The brief.

When Fifty Nine Republic, a revered restaurant nestled in the heart of Valletta, approached Steves&Co., they had a desire to transcend their culinary legacy. Their goal was ambitious yet clear: to reimagine their brand identity and elevate their customers’ dining experience to unmatched levels of sophistication and authenticity.

Known for their culinary excellence and charismatic ambiance, Fifty Nine Republic wanted to solidify their position as the epitome of refined dining. Steves&Co. was entrusted with the task of crafting a rebranding strategy that would effectively communicate the restaurant's hallmark features while exuding a captivating charm that would resonate with the hearts of diners.

Our approach.

Embracing the culinary wonder that defined Fifty Nine Republic, Steves&Co. embarked on a creative journey that embraced both the restaurant’s past and its future aspirations. The starting point was to delve deep into the soul of the brand, identifying its core essence and distinct characteristics and celebrate them with flair.

With this knowledge, we crafted a wordmark logo that artfully captured the restaurant’s spirit. The custom typeface, inspired by the timeless elegance of the art deco movement, instils the logo with an aura of sophistication and confidence. The symmetrical lettering crafted by our design team achieves a quiet luxury, reflecting the meticulous attention to detail that made Fifty Nine Republic a culinary gem. The logo’s clean and bold design effectively communicates the brand refresh and introduces a sense of novelty to the market.

Our design team meticulously delved into every aspect of the menus design, carefully considering paper selection, board thickness, foil application, typography sizing, colour choices, placement of custom illustrations, content and pricing, as well as strategically positioning special dishes and key items.

To further elevate the brand experience, we introduced elegant stripes and charismatic watercolour brush strokes as brand elements, adding a touch of casual elegance and visual diversity. Retaining the iconic Fifty Nine Republic pink, we harmoniously expanded the colour palette to infuse the restaurant branding with a sophisticated allure.

Collaborating with the talented local artist Moira Scicluna Zahra, we unveiled a collection of captivating brand illustrations, each an ode to the restaurant’s passion for artistry. These custom illustrations weave a narrative across the user journey, from menus to social media and web communications. Each enhances the brand’s uniqueness and serves as distinctive brand identifiers, sparking conversations and captivating hearts.


But the journey did not end there. Steves&Co. transformed the restaurant’s digital presence into a work of art, designing a website that serves as a portal to a world of refined dining. The custom designed website harmonises with the brand’s elegance, inviting guests to embark on a virtual journey of gastronomic discovery, with easy user navigation and booking integration. The website design and navigation is subtle and effortless.

Together with Fifty Nine Republic, we refined and streamlined the brand, ensuring that every aspect aligns with the strategic vision. The result was a rebrand that gracefully balances sophistication, vibrancy, and authenticity.

The unveiling of the refreshed brand identity and the introduction of a new menu, garnered significant interest and enthusiasm from the public. Fifty Nine Republic set a new standard for sophisticated dining, with Steves&Co.’s strategic rebranding efforts elevating the restaurant’s standing.

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