Uniplural Group: Naming, Brand Identity and Communication Strategy

ClientUniplural Group



The brief.

Uniplural Group, formerly known as Apex Group, had carved a niche as a leader in the healthcare sector for over a decade. As part of their ambitious growth strategy, they recognised the need for a brand identity that transcended their healthcare roots and reflected their approach to enriching lives across diverse sectors. Understanding this need, Steves&Co. recommended a strategic rebranding exercise to unify and streamline their presence in the market, ultimately aiming to achieve Uniplural's ambitious goals. The key objective was to establish a distinctive brand identity that effectively communicated Uniplural's core values: care, quality, expertise, and integrity across the Group.

Our approach.

Understanding the importance of transparency and trust in their diverse offerings, we aimed to:

  • Align Uniplural’s visual identity with its multifaceted positioning and offerings.
  • Forge an emotional connection with customers by personifying the brand.
  • Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that embodied Uniplural’s mission and values.


Our solution included:

  • Renaming the company to Uniplural Group, symbolising both the company’s diverse sectors and unified approach.
  • Creating a captivating visual identity that resonated with Uniplural’s core values.
  • Developing the tagline “Together as One” to highlight their commitment to collaboration, unity, and the transformative power of togetherness.
  • Implementing a comprehensive marketing strategy across various channels, including PR articles, social media, out-of-home advertising, and digital platforms.
  • Ensuring consistency and professionalism across all touchpoints and digital assets.



Uniplural Group’s rebranding exercise achieved remarkable results:

  • Set objectives were surpassed, garnering applause from both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Uniplural established a distinctive and captivating visual identity that resonates with diverse audiences.
  • Emotional connections were forged, aligning with Uniplural’s commitment to empowerment and care.
  • Brand transparency, and leadership position were solidified.
  • The new brand launched successfully with a 360-degree campaign and PR strategy, setting the stage for continued growth.


Uniplural Group stands as a testament to the power of strategic rebranding and collaborative partnerships. The transformation has not only elevated their brand image but also connected them with their audience on a deeper level, paving the way for a prosperous future.

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