UX/UI Design and Front End Development for Greens Supermarket.

ClientGreens Supermarket



The brief.

Greens is a leader in modern, consumer centred operations. The brand has successfully infiltrated an impressive spectrum of markets; now a preferred brand across both local and expatriate communities in Malta. To support their evolution, Greens needed to create an online experience that mirrored their reputation for excellence and expertise, to meet the consumer’s expectations that had been built through positive instore experiences.



Our approach.

The site required a total redesign to evolve into a platform capable of managing current and projected traffic. The customer journey was at the forefront of our approach. Modern, practical principles were embedded to create a unique brand experience. Much like instore supermarket shopping, user satisfaction has a critical relationship with finding their desired product as quickly as possible. We all know the frustration of meandering through the wrong aisle! We particularly focused on navigation, categorisation, and the search function. We applied vigorous logic testing to ensure the fastest, smoothest path to purchase, maximising CTA’s and educating the consumer at every appropriate touchpoint.


Our mobile-first approach with responsive design moulded to consumer behaviours, resulted in a dramatically improved UX/UI experience, both in terms of navigation functionality and check out experience. The design, which was informed by best-practice research on global frontrunners, is now driving online users and purchases. The new site is capable of supporting an exciting trajectory, fuelled by a shift in purchasing behaviours with consumers gravitating to Greens online, due to a now seamless, convenient, satisfying online experience.

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UX UI Design web shop
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