Website Transformation for Sullivan Shipping

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The brief.

Sullivan Shipping are maritime heavyweights in Malta. The industry experts needed to modernise their website to create an engaging, secure, high performing platform that adequately represents their exceptional reputation and volume of operations and services. Having previously worked with the brand to establish their digital presence, we were re-engaged to complete the revitalisation project.

Our approach.

We completely refurbished the existing site, starting with the restructure of information and design. The layout is clean, linear and organised in a logical and accessible format that is smooth and pleasing to navigate through as a visitor. Brand colours and symbolism have been applied to create a polished identity and communicate personality. We used the logo throughout the site in a creative context to signal different facets of operations, adding additional depth to the logo’s meaning. Modern ‘moving’ design elements have been used, making the consumer’s interaction with the site highly engaging and active. This immediately establishes tone, and lays a solid foundation for brand perception, keeping the client engaged and connected, preventing ‘clicking off’.
Interactive forms are now customised for Sullivan Shipping specifically (not templates), to ensure a personalised and efficient contact process. The forms are responsive and evolve based on the information entered, directing emails to appropriate internal channels to increase and streamline productivity.
As with all our web projects, we ensured the new design was compatible for both desktop and mobile. A search function was embedded along with an optimised filtering system for the site glossary – an incredibly useful tool that now can be used seamlessly, increasing value and professionalism to the user experience.


When clients visit the Sullivan Shipping website, it feels like the platform of a powerhouse brand who are leaders in serving the maritime world. Trust and value can be found at every touchpoint. A consumer can find the service and information they require immediately and contact with the company is facilitated efficiently.
The initial perception of a brand is critical and steers the entire customer journey. The new website creates an extremely positive introduction to the brand, with site functionality mirroring Sullivan Shipping’s community standing and level of service and expertise.

We've been working with Steves&Co. since June 2014. They started out by building our previous website and then moved onto our brand communication and creative. In 2022 they successfully executed our new website with new navigation, structure, and design.. We couldn’t be happier with our new website! Thanks Steves&Co.

Alexandra Farrugia, Sullivan Shipping

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