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Creation of illustrated characters for Welbee’s Supermarkets

ClientWelbee's Supermarket



The brief.

How do brands successfully create market standout? The age old question for marketers and business owners around the world. As a number of Malta’s leading supermarkets merged to form a single brand, Welbee’s required a communication tool that would deliver on differentiation. Here at Steves&Co., we aimed to bring the brand to life through the creation of the Welbee family - an illustration concept crafted to form a human connection.

Our approach.

To create market standout, we began with the audience. The Welbee family establishes a human connection – a way of relating to the brand’s audience. Forming an integral part of the brand identity, the illustrations create the warmth and approachability required for a medium positioned brand. While also reinforcing a local, friendly feel that audiences can relate to.

From a strategic point of view, the illustrations are a unique communication tool, allowing the brand flexibility and versatility in advertising and messaging. Each character has an audience of its own. Enabling the brand to deploy targeted messaging to various audience segments. The family is dynamic, allowing for continued growth alongside the growth of Welbee’s customer base.


The Welbee family is driving impact in advertising and communications for the brand, playing a pivotal role in building the brand’s recognisability. In the local market, the illustrations have generated a feel-good factor for the brand, establishing relevance for families, generations young and old, pet lovers and more.

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