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Social Media

Social media marketing is a necessary component to any digital marketing strategy. However, simply being present on top platforms isn’t the key to commercial success. Here at Steves&Co. we turn social content into compelling brand stories that engage your audience and drive results. With our expertise as an online marketing company in Malta and Europe, we understand how to use social channels judiciously. And in a way that enhances the social interaction that builds brand recognition and conversions – across owned content, earned media and influencer marketing.

Our clients have a team of 3 experts dedicated to their accounts: a relationship manager to ensure that the social strategy is on-track and aligned with the overall marketing goals. A social media manager and copywriter to create and implement the social strategy. A creative designer to design on engaging content.

Our services include:

  • Social Media Strategy Consulting – Development of social strategy in line with business goals, strategies and tactics.
  • Content Calendar Creation – Creation of a monthly content calendar, planning of posts based on key periods and marketing plans. Including copywriting and artwork design.
  • Managed Pages and Social Advertising – Publishing and updating social media pages, including promoting of posts and PPC ads 

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