Clear and effective communication is never more important than during times of instability and uncertainty when people are craving clarity. It’s vital that brands engage in outward-facing communication, focusing on what people need to hear, rather than pushing our own products or services. These are our five tips on how to pivot your communications for the current circumstances, to share the right message in the right way.

1. Adapt your tone

There’s nothing worse for a brand’s image than being out of touch with the world around it. This applies all the time, but especially during times of unpredictability and unrest. Now more than ever, make sure all your communications reflect the tone of the current situation. Be sensitive to what people actually need to hear right now, and how your messaging can support that. With that being said …

2. Maintain consistency

It might seem like a contradiction but hear us out. Don’t forsake your existing brand identity. Don’t take this as an opportunity to be more relatable by cracking jokes if your communications tend to be more polished, and don’t start with the high-level corporate language if you’re normally more relaxed. Find ways to communicate sensitively while staying in line with your brand voice.

3. Solve, don’t sell

For many brands, this is a recession like no other: not just an economic loss, but a global loss of lifestyle. This means it isn’t the time to employ a sales-centric, business as usual marketing strategy. Instead, find ways that your business can help solve the problems people are facing. Communicate how your products or services can provide solutions and ensure those solutions make sense for the circumstances.

4. Support the public messaging

Government-issued guidelines and requirements around the world are changing constantly and it can be hard to keep up, but as businesses, we have to. Support this messaging by making sure all your services are in line with the current safety guidelines or requirements. Communicate how you’re staying compliant so people don’t need to second guess their purchase.

5. Walk the talk

Communication is all about the talk, but make sure you’re following through. Avoid virtue signalling at all costs, where companies publicise their brand values but fail to uphold them. Showing how you’re positively contributing is all well and good, as long as it’s genuinely valuable and worth promoting. Don’t just pat yourself on the back – self-serving only serves yourself. Authenticity is always key in communications and brands that aren’t delivering on this will be called out quickly.

The importance of strong communication really can’t be understated. Strong messaging reflects a strong brand. These tips can help you navigate this period to build long-term customer relationships and brand identity and to come out stronger on the other side.

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