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Brand identity research and development begins at the brief to ensure a brand that delivers on your business strategy. A discovery workshop lays the foundation for all our work. Led by our Head of Marketing, Creative Director and Senior Copywriter, together we’ll underline your macro and micro goals, brand vision and values, positioning and story, audience profile and behaviours, tone of voice, and design style.

From this groundwork we carry out sufficient research, analysing both relevant and cross-industry brands for which we conduct:

  • Visual communication opportunities
  • Benchmarking of best practices
  • Case study research and analysis
  • Customer centric messaging
  • Tone of voice research
  • Research on branding Malta, European, Americas, Asia and the Middle East (industry specific) businesses.
  • Tagline study

We then get to work on your brand, from naming, logo design, typography selection, visual styling, colour selection and stress testing the various brand elements.


Here at Steves&Co. we understand what it takes to make a name successful, and we have a long track-record of brand, product and service naming for an array of clients. Our work begins by first understanding your long-term goals, audience, brand identity and positioning. From there we carry out a strategic and creative process that is research centric. This ensures findability, originality and a name that resonates with your audience to ensure market success. 

Brand Creation & Logo Design

As specialists in brand creation and development, we focus on brand consultation and brand transformation by design. Delivering hundreds of successful, cross-industry brands, we know what it takes to set your brand apart. Building strong brands with a purpose is our expertise – brands that inform decisions and drive differentiation.

We don’t merely create logos. We create future proof brands – looking at the whole of a brand and all the facets that make up its core identity. From positioning, vision, character, tone of voice and translating these defining characteristics into a visual representation – including logo design, colours, typography and more. 

We like to think we’ve set the standard on brand creation, with powerful ideas and brand concepts that work – encompassing our client’s vision and business strategy, while resonating with their audience.

Brand Guidelines

Consistency is everything when it comes to building a memorable brand. It’s how the world’s best-known brands are so recognizable and become ingrained in our minds. Strong brand guidelines are the backbone of maintaining an identifiable brand and protecting what you’ve built. More than just a logo, through guidelines we define your brand as a whole. From design guides (usage guides, colours, typography, visual styling, brand material, photography and more) to brand books (positioning, tone of voice, values and brand vision, etc.), our team of brand strategists can deliver the most essential of guides to substantial guides for large scale brand management. 

Branded Interior Design

There’s a very important link to make between brand identity and the physical space where your brand is represented. Branded interiors communicate your brand messaging to customers and are intrinsic to delivering a lasting brand experience. Our interior designers specialise in spatial design, customer flow, space planning and branded interior design. We see branding opportunities around every corner, creating engaging touch points at every stage of the customer journey. We’ve delivered unique on-brand experiences for cross-industry clients including retail, restaurants, and commercial spaces.

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